Per Vestergaard

pvaPosition: CEO in and owner of CDI Global ApS, Board Member and Associate
Professor at Aalborg University since 1994

Theoretical Education: Diplomas in Financing, Credit and Foreign Trade from Aarhus School of Business supplemented with education programme from Stanford University. Authorised by The NASDAQ/OMX Stock Exchange as Certified Adviser on The FirstNorth Exchange. Member of the Board of Directors of several companies, among others in E-TRADE Bank A/S from 2001 to 2010, the last 2 years as the independent special qualified board member cf. Act no. 1389 of 22/12 2008 (Bekendtgørelsen om revisionsudvalg). Have for many years been partner in the global M&A Company CDI Global with 50 offices in about 40 countries.

1994 – 20XX:
Been involved in more than 100 transactions within the business areas of CDI Global for domestic and international companies, institutions and public authorities, including: purchase and sale of companies, generational shifts, company valuations, business transfers & restructuring, value creation projects, mergers & acquisitions, IPO’s, capital procurements, strategy development, risk management, restructuring of banks and the establishment of two banks.

Associate Professor teaching of e.g. Diploma students and MSc in auditing/law within macro economics, financing, risk management, derivatives and Corporate Finance. Furthermore teaching MBA and Top Governance students at BIA in International Financing and Corporate Finance. For many years associated to The Danish Financial Education Centre with teaching in Internationalisation of Companies and finance consulting.

1979 – 1994:
SEVP in Spar Nord Bank A/S (the fifth largest Danish Bank) with responsibilities of: funding, liquidity management, trading & exposures for customers and the Bank itself on the markets money-, bonds-, interest-, stocks-, foreign currencies/fx- and the derivative markets, International Division and the superior Risk Management with capital market exposures of up to more than E 2 billion. At the same time and for one year rotation periods CEO of the headquarter with app 300 employees. Was deeply involved in the mergers with 8 local banks.

1974 – 1978:
SVP in the present Nordjyske Bank A/S with the same responsibility as mentioned in the first three lines above under Spar Nord Bank.

1964 – 1973:
Employed and educated in Sparekassen Kronjylland (the largest Danish Savings Bank), and became Head of Department in 1970.

Is the author of the below four books  “Værdiansættelse af virksomheder og aktier” (= Valuation of companies and shares), “Køb og salg af virksomheder og aktier” (= Purchase and sale of companies and shares) from 2013, ”Corporate Finance” from 2004 and “Risikostyring” (= Risk Management) from 1992.

Furthermore, as shown in the fifth book from the left, to five NEP-publications 1989 – 2000 about “The Internationalisation of Danish Companies” which was part of a University EU financed Research Project. Co-author to the 2 books to the right “Børsret” from 1997 (=Stock Exchange Laws) by Professor Erik Werlauff and the financial theory book published 1995 by The Estonian Bankers Association.


Per Vestergaard
Vestre Havnepromenade 5 5.sal.
9000 Aalborg
Tlf.: +45 9811 0055
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