Corporate Finance Consultancy

We can uncover hundreds of consequences for your business by implementing already decided or planned operational and strategic changes in its business model and strategies.

Purchase and Sale of Companies and M&A

We can carry out valuations of all types of companies with more than 40 different valuation models and methods. This also includes the valuation of financial companies.

Business Development & Value Creation

We offer you to be the driving force in the strategy development of your company for the purpose of realising the strategy, which results in the highest possible market value of the company.

Our Team

CDI Global is a Danish Company Broker and M&A company offering consultancy and assistance within our three areas of business:
  • Corporate Finance
  • Purchase and Sale of Companies and M&A
  • Business Developement & Value Creation
Therefore, our clients are typically business owners, CEO’s, board of directors,  private individuals and companies that require advice and assistance within these fields.
The area Purchase and Sale of Companies includes also that we globally work with M&A´s (mergers, acquisitions and divestures) in cooperation with global M&A houses. Since we have participated in numerous M&A´s and for many years have been partners with the global M&A house CDI Global with 50 offices in about 40 countries, we have extensive experience also in cross-border M&A´s.


We have for more than 20 years specialised in our three business areas. Therefore, our advice and assistance are based on practical experience combined with great theoretical insight into the areas and solutions of many different assignments for more than 100 domestic and foreign companies.


Our successful solutions of so many assignments are your guarantee that we can also carry out assignments for you and provide you with value creating advice and assistance. We will even guarantee you measurable value creation, which you can learn more about at


We are professional, flexible, informal, globally thinking and offer you competitive fees, and we have only “one hat on at a time”, i.e. we work 100% for the one who gives us the assignment and have no other interests to care for.
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